If You Could Only Have One….Tag!

The lovely Ana from Ana Goes Green tagged me for this most recent tag. I found it interesting as it really makes you hone in on what you really love. It’s kind of like deciding on what would be a “desert island” product that is if you were able to have your entire makeup kit.



 If you could only have one…

Primer :-: I don’t really use a primer, so I’m okay with none.
Base Products :-: If I really really had to pick only one I would go with the Jane Iredale liquid minerals. It gives my skin a really pretty glow and has medium coverage.
Concealer :-:  rms “un” cover-up. It’s a green beauty standard for a reason. I can not only use it under my eyes or on blemishes but also as a sheer foundation.
Powder :-: This is probably cheating a little bit but I’d go with my Everyday Minerals. I can use it with a feathery brush to mattify areas or with a denser brush to add more coverage.
Blush :-: It was kind of hard to choose a blush. Do you pick powder or cream? Oh the decisions. After much back and forth I’ve finally settled on rms beauty lip2cheek in smile. A gorgeous peachy-pink color.
Bronzer :-: The one I have been using nearly every day since I got it is my Au Naturale Kissed bronzer. It’s the perfect color for my skin & I’m going to have a hard time not using it come winter.
Highlighter :-: rms beauty living luminizer. This is such a great multitasking products & I don’t think I could be without.
Makeup Brush :-: My Real Techniques stippling brush. Great with every kind of product I’ve used it with.
Eyebrow Product :-: It’s discontinued but currently I’m obsessed with Jane Iredale’s old Almond eyeshadow. It’s the perfect shade for a coppery redhead.
Single Eyeshadow :-: Alima Pure in Cappuccino. It’s a really pretty golden bronzy/coppery color that looks great on my green eyes.
Eyeliner :-: I’d be hard-pressed to be without a basic black eyeliner. For this I went with my trusty Jane Iredale Basic Black liner. It’s never let me down.
Mascara :-: Nvey Eco Mascara. This is a hands down favorite of mine since I bought it.

Lipstick :-: Yeah, so here’s where I can’t follow rules. You all know I’m a lipstick addict. So I’m going with two. I could live happily ever after if I had just these two. My picks are Ilia Beauty’s Crimson & Clover and Jane Iredale’s Liz . A gorgeous true red and a beautiful coral.
Nail Polish :-: I can’t remember the name of this little mini OPI polish but it was part of the Bond collection. A gorgeous red with gold fleck that is perfect for all occasions!
Lipbalm :-: R.L. Linden and Co La Balmba Rosa. I love this stuff so much. Goes on so nicely with a bit of glossy sheen to the lips and hydrates like crazy.

I’m going to tag Brianna and anyone else who would want to give this a whirl.

Everyday Minerals Base


As I mentioned in my last favorites video, there’s a new foundation love in my life. It’s the semi-matte base from Everyday Minerals. I honestly always thought I would use my Jane Iredale. I’d just never found anything that really compared to it. Most other mineral foundation that I’ve tried has that weird, chunky/gritty thing going on. Not really what you want to put on your face every morning. I like my mineral foundation to give me airbrushed natural coverage.
This does exactly that. It’s a super fine textured formula that goes on so smoothly. I find that the EDM foundation also has a similar wear time to the JI one.  I get about 8 hours of really good wear out of the foundation and it doesn’t fade into patchy nonsense. I think one of my favorite things about Everyday Minerals is their color selection. The options go on for ages. It took me two rounds of ordering samples before I settled on what I think is the perfect shade. Samples by the way can be ordered for a whole whopping 1 cent, and you get 7 of them! Crazy. Anyways,  I settled on Golden Fair – an awesome name as that’s usually how I describe my complexion. So far I’m pretty hooked. Great color, great texture and fantastic coverage. What more could you want?!

Have you tried any other products from Everyday Minerals?