Nourish Exfoliating Body Polish –

I love scrubs of all types. So when I saw this one from Nourish on special at Ulta I decided to give it a try. I’ve loved everything else I’ve bought from them. Unfortunately this product did not live up to the high standards that the other products had set for it. Total disappointment. I can tell you that this will not be on any lists for repurchasing. And I know I talk about the smell in the video but can we reflect on it for a moment? Corn? Really Nourish?! Anyways I digress. 
Please let me know of any of your favorite body scrubs. 
Any and all recipes or products ideas are totally welcome.
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Coral Craze

If there is one thing I love about spring and summer it’s the emergence of a bright coral lip. Coral is one of those colors that I think suits just about everyone. There are so many depths and color variances that there is bound to be a shade that will suit you! These are five of my most worn coral lip colors. 

1. Tarte LipSurgence in Joy – This is my everyday coral. It wakes up my face and adds the perfect amount of color. It looks totally orange in the tube but once applied the color is a great coral tone. 

2. Pacifica Color Quench Lip Tint in Blood Orange – This is my darkest coral and I think will look best on my skin once I’ve started wearing some bronzer again. It’s a coral that has a bronze undertone.

3. Ilia Tinted Lip Conditioner in Shell Shock – A very bright coral. When applied in layers this is almost electric! 

4. Jane Iredale Lip Fixation in Devotion – A mid-tone coral that can be worn sheer or full on. The gloss it comes with is just a gold sparkle. It’s a little tacky in texture for my taste so I tend to wear the stain with a lip balm on top. 

5. rms beauty lip2cheek in Smile – Another bright coral. This looks lovely paired on both the lips and cheeks. 

From Top to Bottom:
Jane Iredale Lip Fixation Stain and then the Gloss 
rms beauty lip2cheek in Smile
Ilia Tinted Lip Conditioner in Shell Shock
Pacifica Color Quench in Blood Orange
Tarte LipSurgence in Joy

Do you have a favorite coral lip color I should try? 
Let me know in the comments!

*all products purchased by me. review is my own opinion*

One Love Organics Morning Glory Serum

Ever feel like your complexion just needs a pick me up? One Love Organics Morning Glory serum is a great little number for waking up your skin. I like to use it at night when your skin is already doing amazing things to regenerate itself. This serum features Raspberry Leaf which is a great source of natural polypeptides, flavonoids and niacin. Peptides and niacin are great anti-aging ingredients that help with stimulating the skin. This in turn helps with toning the skin as well. Lemon balm and peppermint will help to reduce inflammation and omega 3s provide easily absorbed moisture that will help to smooth the skin. 

I’ve been really loving this serum to give my skin a bit of a pick me up. I find it layers really well under my Olie Biologique Argan oil and my LBF Barbary Fig Seed Oil for a great night time treatment. I knew that I had been loving this serum when I traveled with it. And when I flew home and found that it had leaked all over my quart baggie I was totally bummed. Spills aside-  I’ve got about a 1/4 left in this bottle and am already thinking about repurchasing it when I run out. 

Morning Glory serum is 1 oz and runs $48.

I received this product in my No More Dirty Looks Quarterly Box.

Osmia Organics

Osmia Organics has been on my wish list for sometime now. Both Britanie and Kimberly love the spot treatment and I was in serious need of one. So I decided to take the plunge and order it. And why order only one item when they all sound so lovely. I ended up picking up the Spot Treatment, Rose Clay Facial Soap and the Oh So Soap. Sarah (the founder) was sweet enough to throw in a few treats for me to try as well. 

The Spot Treatment has become a staple product for me. It’s potent mix of essential oils in an evening primrose base that helps to fight bacteria without over drying your skin. My favorite part is that it includes Thyme essential oil. This has been recently shown to be more effective than traditional acne treatments! Win for team natural! 

While I’m not really crazy about body soaps in general I decided to try Sarah’s super simple Oh So Soap. This soap has no added essential oils or colorings making it a great choice for my sensitive skin. It’s a blend of olive oil and mango butter which sounded divine! Oh So Soap has totally changed my view of body soap. It never leaves my skin feeling stripped or dry. I love it and so does my other half so I think we’ll be buying more in the future. And that could be a while as this bar is GIANT!

The Rose Clay Facial soap has been lovely as well. At first my esthetician genes were yelling at me “why did you buy a bar soap?!” But they got over it pretty quickly with this creamy bar. This removes every trace of makeup and has not once stung my eyes. I use this in the evening only and find that it doesn’t dry my skin out. I did play around with twice a day but found that to be a bit much for my skin. 

I also received in my order the Honey-Myrrh Lip Repair* which I have been using at night to help keep my lips in good condition. It’s a thick very emollient lip treatment that feels like it’s really protecting the lips. The other items I received were the Ylang Spring* soap which if it’s anything like the Oh So Soap I’ll surely love it and Trusque* a lovely lavender and plant-based musk scent. Trusque is a warm and cozy scent that makes me think of snuggly knits and toasty fires. 

I think that this was a great first order from Osmia Organics. I’m already hooked and planning a repurchase of the Oh So Soap and I’d really like to try some of the other skincare. 

Have you tried Osmia Organics? What’s your favorite?

*These products and samples were provided to me by Osmia Organics. All opinions are my own.

Spring Day Makeup

One of my favorite things about spring is the bright tones for makeup. Bright lips, bright cheeks, bright liner- I love it all. This look is a classic for me as it’s easy to do in the morning and makes me feel like I’m put together. 
Which is good because at 7 a.m. all I really want is coffee. 

These are what I’ve been using to achieve the look at the top. 

Silk Naturals Eu-taupe-ia – I use this for just some subtle definition in my socket. This is the perfect shade for contouring my eyes. 

Jane Iredale Aqua Silk – This is technically a cream shadow but who needs rules! I use this on a fine liner brush and apply to coats to achieve the color in the photo. 

Tarte Gifted Mascara – Current mascara love. Such a nice deep black and long lasting formula.

Sula Beauty It’s Not Me, It’s You – This is a great warm pink blush that adds a little life back into your skin after a long winter.

Burt’s Bees Blush Lip Shine – The perfect hint of color to the lips. Sometimes I pair this with the Jane Iredale Pink lip pencil to add more pop. 

Swatches L to R
Aqua Silk, Blush Lip Shine, Sula Cheek Tint, Eu-taupe-ia

What’s been your favorite look for spring?
Any favorite bright eyeliners?