Pacifica Mystic Palette 


So I’ve had a love affair with the Pacifica mascara for a while now and have thought about branching out into their other goodies. I’ve eyed their shadow palettes but never took the dive. At the time I just didn’t feel like I had room in my collection. Thankfully moving allows you to seriously clear some space out. I got rid of a ton of old shadows and when I came across the Pacifica Mystic Palette on sale over the weekend I had to pick it up. This palette does not disappoint. The shadows are a buttery soft texture that have great pigmentation. I honestly bought this for the gorgeous deep blue-violet shade. In the spring I love wearing a blue tinged liner to make my eyes pop. I feel it’s just a bit fresher. Also in this palette is a lovely pink pearl that looks great on the inner corner. I’ve also been really liking the golden beige, it wears beautifully on it’s own. The only one I’m not quite sure how to wear without looking sleep deprived is the grey-blue shade. It’s beautiful, but I’ve got to play around with it a bit more to see how it looks best on me. Keep an eye on my Instagram to see what kind of looks I come up with.



Purchased by me! All opinions are indeed my own.

3 thoughts on “Pacifica Mystic Palette 

  1. I just bought this recently too and love it! The colors are gorgeous! Their gel liner is really nice too – goes on easily and lasts all day! I didn’t have much luck with their BB cream, but I love the eye make up so far! 🙂 Great post! xx

    • I’m glad you love it too! The texture of them is what does it for me. So smooth! I was wondering about that gel liner! I’ll have to see what my Target has in next time I go. Thanks for stopping by!! 😀

  2. I’ve been wanting to try more Pacifica! I’m currently covering their mascara and one of their Eyeshadows palettes created exclusively for Target. I also am eyeing their 7-free nail polishes.

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