Everyday Minerals Base


As I mentioned in my last favorites video, there’s a new foundation love in my life. It’s the semi-matte base from Everyday Minerals. I honestly always thought I would use my Jane Iredale. I’d just never found anything that really compared to it. Most other mineral foundation that I’ve tried has that weird, chunky/gritty thing going on. Not really what you want to put on your face every morning. I like my mineral foundation to give me airbrushed natural coverage.
This does exactly that. It’s a super fine textured formula that goes on so smoothly. I find that the EDM foundation also has a similar wear time to the JI one.  I get about 8 hours of really good wear out of the foundation and it doesn’t fade into patchy nonsense. I think one of my favorite things about Everyday Minerals is their color selection. The options go on for ages. It took me two rounds of ordering samples before I settled on what I think is the perfect shade. Samples by the way can be ordered for a whole whopping 1 cent, and you get 7 of them! Crazy. Anyways,  I settled on Golden Fair – an awesome name as that’s usually how I describe my complexion. So far I’m pretty hooked. Great color, great texture and fantastic coverage. What more could you want?!

Have you tried any other products from Everyday Minerals?


4 thoughts on “Everyday Minerals Base

  1. Hi,
    I use Everyday Mineral foundation and I used this one during summer time as it just leaves such a natural finish that looks like your not wearing makeup and is very light. I love their Jojoba foundation as well , which is the one I use during winter time due to its butter feel and seems more moisture to my skin during winter months.
    Their blush are nice too, light and very natural looking . Wild Vine and wild flower haven are very nice every day rose natural color . These are my go too for everyday blush wear.

    Overall, I like Everyday minerals for its light and airy makeup. 😉 Next in my wish list is to try their eye shadows and their new skin tint power.

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