Nourish Organic Eye Treatment

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I have been wanting one of these eye creams with the cooling applicator for AGES! Every one that seems to have launched is either majorly chocked full of nasties or has ingredients I’m allergic to.
Enter the Nourish Organic Eye Treatment*.
This was dropped off at my door a few weeks ago. You know before Michigan decided it was colder than Alaska. This sudden plunge into sub-artic air has not only my whole face feeling stripped of moisture but especially my eyes. The skin under the eyes is particularly delicate. Not moisturizing enough leaves you with dry crepey under eyes . Over moisturizing can lead to your concealer sliding around like butter in a hot pan. I’m loving this medium weight formula that is full of lovely hydrating ingredients. Avocado and Argan are at the top  of the list but it’s also got rosehip oil and cupaucu butter. The applicator that I was so excited about – it’s awesome! I love it especially in the morning. I find that it helps with reducing my puffiness in a nicer way than frozen spoons. All in all I think this is a great eye cream for winter.  Next, I would love to see them come out with something that packs a bigger anti-aging punch. These fine lines won’t erase themselves!

You can find Nourish Organic at many Whole Foods and online at

*Indicates this item is a PR Sample.
All opinions are my own.

Green Beauty Skin Care Tag

There’s a new tag in the green beauty community.  And what kind of tag would an esthetician like myself be most geeked about? A skin care tag!
As you might imagine being an esthetician skin care is my job so I love this stuff. Today I’ll share with you some of my personal favorite tips, tricks and info.

Describe your skin care routine in 5 words
You know, surprisingly damn simple.

I am not a complicated girl when it comes to skin care. I tend to streamline my products so they are the most effective at what they do. I have a handful of go-to products that I use and I don’t switch it up a ton. My skin tends to be happiest this way.


What’s your skin type?
In esthy terms I’m a Fitzpatrick 2. So I’m fair but with golden/neutral tones; prone to crisping up in the sun. I tend to be dry most of the year but have occasional bouts of “confused” skin. My major skin care concerns are fine lines, dark circles, occasional breakouts and keeping my skin nice and bright.

What’s your favorite skin care product?
I love masks. They can really make a lovely difference in your skin. Not to mention they give you a reason to take a few minutes for yourself. Two of my current favorites are the Antioxidant Mask from Kahina and Tata Harper’s Resurfacing mask. I’ve also got my eye on Osmia Organic’s Detox Mask and May Lindstrom’s Problem Solver.


Top blemish zapper? 
After trying what feels like a ton of different spot treatments & serums over the years I think I finally found “the one“. For me, it’s the Spot Treatment by Osmia Organics. Nothing has worked as well as this little powerhouse does. It’s one of those miracle products that you can put on in the evening and wake up with the breakout having vanished. I will never be without it again.

Face wipes, yay or nay?
A very firm nay! I’ve really wanted to love these. They’d be great for my kids when I do theatrical makeup. But I’ve found them to be lacking. Too much scrubbing, too much stinging and way too many breakouts. No thank you I’ll skip ’em.

Toner, yay or nay?
Major YAY!!! Hydrating mists are a total essential to me. I use them before serums. I use them in facials. I use them to set makeup. (This is starting to sound a bit like Green Eggs & Ham) But I really do use them all the time. My favorite ones are rose water based but I like them all.


High-end skin care or high-end makeup?
Skin care. I’d love to pick both but if I had to choose one over the other it’d be skin care.

What’s the most unusual skin care product you’ve tried?
Being in the skin care industry I’ve gotten the option to try a lot of different things over the years. I think one that stands out the most is one from esthetic school. It was a weird cinnamon-y gummy sticky thing that you painted all over your skin. You waited for it to turn the skin bright pink and tighten. If I remember right it was supposed to be anti-aging…

You’re in a pharmacy and can only pick up one item – what is it?
I’m going to assume that “pharmacy” means something like a CVS right? So in that case if I had to pick up one item it’d be a toss up between coconut oil and hair ties. I buy hair ties pretty much every other trip to the store since my cats steal them. If they had coconut oil though I might go for that as I can do a ton of skin care with that one jar.

Tell us your top skin care tips:

1. Do what makes you happy – I have found as an esthetician that people have the most beautiful radiance when they are genuinely happy.

2. Do some form of exercise – This ties in with the above. Cardiovascular exercise releases chemicals in the brain that make you happy and feel good. Not only that but it makes your skin glow! All that good circulation! My personal preferences are yoga, pilates and running.

3. Eat good fresh food – I try to eat plenty of fresh veggies and fruits. This gives your body the nutrition it needs to function properly. That’s not to say that I don’t indulge in the occasional cookie or piece of chocolate. Everything in moderation.

4. Sunscreen! – Everyone’s got a different opinion on this but for me sunscreen in a must. I figure if you’re going to drop some good money on skincare you mind as well protect your investment. I like looking for physical sunscreens that are non-nano like DeVita.

5. Be nice to your skin – As a fellow esthy I agree with Pam. Don’t scrub your face off. Over exfoliation just leads to problems. Exfoliate with care and treat your skin after.

Tada! That’s all there is folks. I really loved doing this tag. Thanks to my lovely esthetician friend Pam over at Pemberly Jones for tagging me.

I’m going to tag Katie ,  Cindy , Vivi and anyone else who’d like to join in on the fun!

August Goodebox

Here is my haul of goodies from the August Goodebox. For the most part I really enjoyed the travel goodies that came in this box. I was a little bummed about the Kaia wipes & the Primavera moisturizer but I think I’ll find good use for those. The Eat Green Tea though was the one oddball in the box and it just didn’t end up tasting good. I threw this into a smoothie the day after filming and it tasted like eating trees. Sticks and all. Not an experience I’m jumping to try again. I would have loved to have gotten the ginger that some other people did.
I love ginger!

Did you get something different than I did?? Share the details!! =)

Osmia Organics Active Gel Nutrient Serum


I can’t believe I’ve not written a proper ode  post for this lovely gem! I jumped in and bought this several months ago after a skin flare up. Not really sure if it was PD or what but I was totally fed up with it. I read the post on PD by Sarah (Osmia’s founder) and a little light went off. I knew I needed this in my life.
The Active Gel Nutrient Serum is a lovely blend of Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe and White Tea. It’s incredibly soothing! It also has Niacinamide and Rice Proteins. So in a nutshell it’s a powerhouse of ingredients that not only soothe the skin but also help to support the hydration and structure of your skin!
My skin has been so much better since being introduced to this and it’s a mainstay in my P.M. routine. After cleansing I spray my skin with rosewater (or another toner) and then massage a nice layer of this all over. Typically I leave it at that but if I feel in need of a little something extra I’ll apply my One Love Organics Morning Glory.
I’m so grateful to have come across Osmia Organics products as they’ve made a huge difference for my skin.

You can find this product and other lovely ones on Osmia Organics site.
The Active Gel Nutrient Serum runs $55 USD

*this product was purchased by me and all opinions are my own*