What’s on my nightstand?

Bedside Items

These are my favorite things for my little night time routine right before I turn off the light.
Osmia Vanilla Shea Hand Cream – I think it’s safe to say that there’s not anything that Osmia makes that I don’t like. This hand cream is great because it absorbs so quickly but leaves your hands super soft. Plus it smells delightfully of vanilla.
Badger Sleep Balm & Lotus Wei Quiet Mind – As an insomniac I find that good aromatherapy is one of the few things that will get my mind to slow the heck down.  These two are a recipe for a great night of sleep. A little balm, a little mist and I’m off to dreamland in no time.
Osmia Honey Myrrh Lip Repair – The current saving grace for my poor wind-chapped lips. I really need to learn to snuggle into my scarf better.

What’s your favorite product to apply before bed?