July Favorites



I thought I’d ease back into things with a little monthly favorites action!

Frangipani Refreshing Face Wash*- This is a castille base cleanser with Neroli and Rose Geranium floral waters. I’ve used castille base soaps on my body and have often found them a little too drying. This cleanser and the stickiness of summer have just really jived together. My skin feels fresh and clean without being stripped. I’ll be keeping this in rotation over summer for sure.

Frangipani Protective Face Serum* – This lovely serum resurfaced again for me this month. My skin was having a major fit and I needed something soothing and hydrating. I had used this quite a bit over winter when my skin just needed a little extra TLC. But it’s been fantastic now as well! I love it because it calms my skin down so quickly.

Marie Veronique Pacific Face Serum – I freaking love this serum. I’ve run through two of these sample sizes and am gutted that I’m out. My skin had been incredible while using this. It hydrated my skin, plumped it up, and brightened it. Seriously incredible stuff. I’m anxious to get some of it in my life again.

R.L. Linden & Co. Whole Lotta Roses Probiotic Mask **- Fruit acids, vitamin C, pre and pro-bitotics?! This limited edition mask is crazy good. For an all over application I mixed my fruity scented powder with a little water and hung out for about 15-20 minutes. It left my skin feeling fresh and balanced. I’ve even played around with mixing it with a dab of honey for an awesome breakout treatment (it totally works!).

EOS Shave Cream – I’m usually a leg waxer – I’m prone to shaving accidents and have just preferred to keep my leg in one piece. But sometimes life happens and you don’t get to it. I’ve tried oils and other creams in the past and have been less than impressed. This stuff though, it’s nice. I like it because it’s cushiony but not to slippery and as allowed me to get the smoothest legs I’ve had aside from waxing. It doesn’t hurt either that it smells a bit like fruity dessert. That being said I would love to find an even cleaner alternative. Any recommendations?



This is my current holy trinity of lip stuff. If you’ve known me for any length of time you know that I’m a lip junkie. Mostly lipsticks, lip crayons and a few tinted balms here and there. That being said, I’m doing backflips over this Kat Burki stuff.

Kat Burki glossy – This my friends is a nifty little lip treatment. It rides that line between gloss and lip balm. It’s what I would consider truly “glossy” a nice sheen without feeling tacky, yet sinks into the lips to hydrate with coconut oil. Glossy also has a cooling rollerball applicator that feels incredible when you put it on.

R.L. Linden & Co La Balmba Rosa* – It’s in a tube! I’ve obsessed over this before but just as I was scraping the last of mine out of it’s tube I got this surprise. I adore this healing rose balm to keep my lips happy and hydrated in ways I can’t even type. Let’s just suffice to say that I always have it on hand- it’s that good.

Burt’s Bees Lip Crayon in Niagara Overlook – I found this in my Kroger of all places and because I have a habit I had to try at least one. This shade looked like it would be the perfect fit for me- a neutral coral. Not too pink, not too orange and not too bright (I’m starting to sound like Goldilocks..). It’s become my everyday staple at the moment and makes me feel fresh and summery while being put together. I’ve thought about trying other shades but I see myself more likely buying 2 more of this one. A little bit of hoarding- I know.


* sample received. all opinions are my own.
** bought the limited edition box as well as received a sample.

Current Daily Face


Now that it’s summer my makeup routine slims down. And yes, that photo above is my slimmed down routine.
What can I say ? I like makeup.
My current routine features me starting with DeVita Moisture Tints in Light (I may need to get medium now that I’ve had some sun though).
I then add some concealer from rms in 11 and bronzer by Vapour Beauty in the shade Spicy (a little goes a long way with this shade).
My cheeks get a summer flush from rms lip2cheek in Smile.It’s a perfect coral color which means I love it. Brows are totally essential for me so I add a little brow definition with Jane Iredale’s Auburn brow gel.
Next it’s time to set the whole lot with Au Naturale Light Veil Finishing Powder. I love this powder as it makes my makeup last all day but doesn’t overly mattify my skin.
Then I sweep a dusting of shadows from Au Naturale & Alima on my eyes and finish with a fun lip.
Lately it’s been the fuchsia color of Burt’s Bees Sweet Violet. I picked it up on whim after seeing it on the gorgeous Britanie of Beauty by Britanie.
This shade is surprisingly pigmented & has pretty great longevity on the lips.It’s a bit different too for me since I nearly always wear corals or reds. Gotta shake things up sometimes.

What’s been your favorite summer makeup item? Do tell!