Osmia Organics Detox Mask


Can we talk about my December skin for a moment? It decided to flip the heck out on me and not only broke out, but decided it would be great to top things of with some serious dry skin. Flaking and breaking out. Real cool skin, real cool. Thankfully I had this gem in the beauty stash. Osmia Organics Detox Exfoliating Mask* to the rescue! It’s a fantastic multi-tasker that not only helps to purify the skin, but also helps to smooth away those nasty winter flakes.
While this amazing mask already has raw manuka honey powder (seriously didn’t even know you could powder honey), my favorite way to use it is with MORE HONEY! Mix a little of the powder with a dollop of your favorite raw honey and then slather it all over your face. Now wait. Sensitive gals like myself probably only want to leave it on about 15 minutes or so. Rinse it off in soft circular movements to make use of the bamboo charcoal and olive leaf powders exfoliating action. DO NOT SCRUB! Your face isn’t in need of sanding. I promise. After rinsing, pat dry and follow up with your favorite serums.
Post mask my skin felt like it had been professionally polished by a fellow esthetician. Needless to say I’m in love and it really helped get my skin back on track.

*was generously gifted to me by the lovely people at Osmia Organics. All opinions per usual are my own!

Cheers to a New Year!

What a better way to ring in the New Year than with a giveaway!
I’ve had so much fun blogging and making videos this year that I wanted to do a little thank you giveaway.

Cheers to the New Year Giveaway!*

Congrats to Christina!

I’ll be announcing the winner here and on my twitter!
The winner will be emailed to let them know they won =)
Good Luck!

*open to US residents only*
*I’ll be having an international giveaway in a couple weeks!*

“Come As You Are” Beauty Tag


A few weeks ago Katie from “The Green Product Junkie” tagged me with a “Come As You Are” beauty tag she started. She wanted me right then and there at the inception of tagging to dump out my makeup bag and take a photo. Which I did as soon as I got home from work . Luckily for me this makeup bag of mine had been accumulating various treasures over the previous weeks until it would barely zip! All those goodies you see above were really and truly inside my purse. It’s no wonder I have shoulder pain. So let’s dive in and see what I’ve been hauling around lately.

Traditional Medicinals Pure Peppermint Tea – I always travel with some type of herbal tea. Lately it’s been peppermint.
Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter – Emergency snack.
EATWHATEVER – It’s a mint/supplement combo that seems to really keep me fresh at work after lunch.
Olie Biologique Argan Oil – Travel supply of argan for my dry skin and static laden hair.
Bobby pins and hair ties
Osmia Luster – I talked about this in my recent favorites video. It’s awesome.
La Balmba Rosa by R.L. Linden & Co – Lovely lip balm that smells like springtime.
Jane Iredale Forever Pink, Ilia Karma Chameleon, Ilia Arabian Knights, Tata Harper Beloved – Just a few of my stash of lip colors. I like variety okay. ūüėČ
Altoid Tin – Holds my vitamins.
Vapour Organic Beauty Concealer – I have two in my purse 010 and 020. You never know when you might need emergency concealing.
Tarte Lipsurgence in Joy – My favorite coral. This never really leaves my bag.
SW Basics of BK  Cocoa Lip Balm РAnother awesome balm. I told you I have a lip product addiction.
La Bella Figura Barcelona Perfume – Amazing citrusy deliciousness .
Glass Nail File
Jane Iredale Brooke Lipstick – The closest I’ve found to replacing my Tarte favorite. Gorgeous coral.
Revolution Organics Freedom Lipgloss – A great red that is moisturizing as well.
Vapour Multi-Use Stain in Impulse – I like that I can use this on cheeks and lips for quick color. It’s a nice pick me up if your blush as disappeared by noon.
North Coast Organics Revolver Deodorant – I never travel without a deodorant. This is a nice spicy/woodsy scent in a convenient twist up stick.

Other than that there’s a little handy mirror and an eyeglass cloth. If you think this is too much stuff, just imagine what I can put in a suitcase!

I tag everyone who hasn’t done this yet!¬†

What’s a must have for you to carry around during the day? If I had to pick it’d probably be lipstick!

What’s on my nightstand?

Bedside Items

These are my favorite things for my little night time routine right before I turn off the light.
Osmia Vanilla Shea Hand Cream¬†– I think it’s safe to say that there’s not anything that Osmia makes that I don’t like. This hand cream is great because it absorbs so quickly but leaves your hands super soft. Plus it smells delightfully of vanilla.
Badger Sleep Balm & Lotus Wei Quiet Mind – As an insomniac I find that good aromatherapy is one of the few things that will get my mind to slow the heck down.¬†¬†These two are a recipe for a great night of sleep. A little balm, a little mist and I’m off to dreamland in no time.
Osmia Honey Myrrh Lip Repair – The current saving grace for my poor wind-chapped lips. I really need to learn to snuggle into my scarf better.

What’s your favorite product to apply before bed?

Current Deodorant Favorites


My deodorant was one of the first things I switched when I started being more health conscious. It was out of sheer curiosity that I bought one from the health food store where I worked. It was okay. Nothing mind blowing. Especially since a lot of the times when adjusting to a new deodorant you just kind of smell. There’s no two ways around it. Since then I feel like I’ve been ever searching for that holy grail-where have you been all my life- deodorant. You know the one, it feels good, smells good, keeps you fresh for as long as humanly possible.
Well, I think I found it. Maybe even two!

Schmidt’s Bergamot and Lime Deodorant* has become my holy grail of deodorants. Why you ask? First off it smells incredible! It’s fresh and citrusy with out smelling like straight up limes. Secondly it works! I’ve had some crazy stressful days in the past couple months and Schmidt’s has kept me super fresh. Their formula seems to have the right mix of ingredients to fight odor but does not cause me to break out in a rash like other baking soda based deodorants. Third, the price is amazing! Eight dollars. I’ve had this jar for 2+ months and I’m not even halfway into it. That’s totally worth it in my mind. I will be so repurchasing this and can’t wait to try some of their other fun scents!

The second deodorant pictured above is a little gem I keep in my makeup bag. North Coast Organics’ Death by Lavender*¬†is my favorite deodorant for traveling with me once I leave the house. It’s a really lovely formula that takes care of business but like Schmidt’s it doesn’t irritate the skin. This smells heavy of lavender so if you’re not fan I would check out Revolver* which is a more woodsy/spicy blend. Either way you can’t go wrong with a mini deodorant in a twist up stick! I feel like that is hard to find in a natural deodorant. North Coast Organics is also USDA certified organic which makes this formula even better. If you’re an on the go type you might just need to have this mini deodorant in your life!

Have you tried either of these brands?

*I did recieve these products for consideration. All opinions are my own and I am not compensated for my review*

The Green Beauty Characters Tag!

Bedside Items

It’s been what feels like forever since I sat still enough to write. So I thought I would break into things nice and easy with a fun little tag. This is the Beauty Tag created by the lovely Sonja from¬†Life in Blush¬†(amazing blog BTW). I was tagged by my awesome friend Katie of¬†Green Product Junkie¬†(also an incredible blog). Do yourself a favorite and go check both of these gals out.

On my nightstand you’ll find:¬†Osmia Organics Hand Cream and Honey-Myrrh Lip Treatment, Badger Balm Sleep Balm, and a mini Lotus Wei Quiet Mind Mist.

The literary character I’m most like is: (take this quiz to find your answer) – Galadriel from Lord of the Rings.

I’m currently obsessed with:¬†Ilia Arabian Knights, Osmia Organics Sunset Body Oil, Brija Comet eyeshadow, Suntegrity (totally late on this one).

My favorite superhero is: Storm from the X-Men. Something about being able to control the weather always seemed kind of badass.

Favorite beauty product of 2013: Of the whole year?! You ask some tough questions Sonja. I think I’d have to go with Osmia Organics Active Nutrient Gel Serum. This stuff has seriously transformed my skin. I’m pretty sure I’ll never be without it.

If I could have dinner with anyone dead or alive: Cleopatra. I’ve always been intrigued by this era of history and fascinated by her. Not to mention I’m sure she’d have some interesting beauty secrets.

Winter is coming, how do you prep your skin for battle? Exfoliate and Hydrate! Off with those dead flaky skin cells and buttering up with some nice hydrating oils and balms.

My perfect date night makeup consists of: For a date I love a sheer foundation with a glowy finish. A nice flush on the cheek, kind of a softly smoked out eye and a little bit of color on the lips but nothing too dark (think Ilia Arabian Knights).

My go-to skin-beautifying snack/drink is: Hot water with lemon or a green juice. A little bit of R.L. Linden & Co Beauty Tea doesn’t hurt either.

My TV boyfriend is: Neal Caffrey from White Collar or Zane Donovan from Eureka.¬†Both are creative, smart and bit on the rebellious side. They’re not bad to look at either.

If my evening clutch could hold only one beauty item it would be: Ilia Tinted Lip Conditioner in “In Paradise”. Perfect coral color for lips and cheeks.

One¬†beauty tip I would pass on to my fictional daughter is: I’m torn between lecturing on the merits of¬†sunscreen and telling her how healthy, happy people are naturally beautiful.¬†

The most nostalgic item from my childhood is: A dollhouse my Dad built for me. It was way cooler than any plastic Barbie house.

My favorite show of the¬†moment is: Since my beloved Face Off ended I’m currently loving S.H.I.E.L.D, White Collar, and HIMYM.

My favorite¬†quote is: “Live the full life of the mind,¬†exhilarated by new ideas, intoxicated by the romance of the unusual”¬†Ernest¬†Hemingway.

Okay I’m passing on the tag torch to Ana of Ana Goes Green, Lilly of Genuine Glow and Mary of Pure Makeup!

Nvey Eco Volumizing Mascara


Mascara is one of those beauty items that I’d be beside myself without it. With my fairer features it takes me from feeling like “meh” in the morning to “bam”. I swear that the minute the good stuff is on I feel instantly more awake. Which is why I’m always on the search for the most amazing mascara that natural beauty has to offer.
Nvey Eco had been a brand I’d been really wanting to try. So when I found it at my local ULTA I picked up their mascara to give it a try. Fast forward a few months and I’m scraping the sides of this container to get every last bit of this awesome mascara out of the tube. It’s been pretty much everything I want in a mascara. It lengthens, adds volume, and separates. The formula is neither to dry nor to wet. This mascara also happens to work fantastically with my favorite lash primer from Jane Iredale. So I’m having a ¬†Goldilocks moment with it over here and will be picking up my second tube of it pretty much immediately. All you mascara junkies out there should really give this one a try.

You can find Nvey Eco Volumizing Mascara at ULTA for $17

If You Could Only Have One….Tag!

The lovely Ana from Ana Goes Green tagged me for this most recent tag. I found it interesting as it really makes you hone in on what you really love. It’s kind of like deciding on what would be a “desert island” product that is if you were able to have your entire makeup kit.



¬†If you could only have one…

Primer :-: I don’t really use a primer, so I’m okay with none.
Base Products :-: If I really really had to pick only one I would go with the Jane Iredale liquid minerals. It gives my skin a really pretty glow and has medium coverage.
Concealer :-: ¬†rms “un” cover-up. It’s a green beauty standard for a reason. I can not only use it under my eyes or on blemishes but also as a sheer foundation.
Powder :-: This is probably cheating a little bit but I’d go with my Everyday Minerals. I can use it with a feathery brush to mattify areas or with a denser brush to add more coverage.
Blush :-: It was kind of hard to choose a blush. Do you pick powder or cream? Oh the decisions. After much back and forth I’ve finally settled on rms beauty lip2cheek in smile. A gorgeous peachy-pink color.
Bronzer :-: The one I have been using nearly every day since I got it is my Au Naturale Kissed bronzer. It’s the perfect color for my skin & I’m going to have a hard time not using it come winter.
Highlighter :-: rms beauty living luminizer. This is such a great multitasking products & I don’t think I could be without.
Makeup Brush :-: My Real Techniques stippling brush. Great with every kind of product I’ve used it with.
Eyebrow Product :-: It’s discontinued but currently I’m obsessed with Jane Iredale’s old Almond eyeshadow. It’s the perfect shade for a coppery redhead.
Single Eyeshadow :-: Alima Pure in Cappuccino. It’s a really pretty golden bronzy/coppery color that looks great on my green eyes.
Eyeliner :-: I’d be hard-pressed to be without a basic black eyeliner. For this I went with my trusty Jane Iredale Basic Black liner. It’s never let me down.
Mascara :-: Nvey Eco Mascara. This is a hands down favorite of mine since I bought it.

Lipstick :-: Yeah, so here’s where I can’t follow rules. You all know I’m a lipstick addict. So I’m going with two. I could live happily ever after if I had just these two. My picks are Ilia Beauty’s Crimson & Clover and Jane Iredale’s Liz . A gorgeous true red and a beautiful coral.
Nail Polish :-: I can’t remember the name of this little mini OPI polish but it was part of the Bond collection. A gorgeous red with gold fleck that is perfect for all occasions!
Lipbalm :-: R.L. Linden and Co La Balmba Rosa. I love this stuff so much. Goes on so nicely with a bit of glossy sheen to the lips and hydrates like crazy.

I’m going to tag Brianna and anyone else who would want to give this a whirl.

Everyday Minerals Base


As I mentioned in my last favorites video, there’s a new foundation love in my life. It’s the semi-matte base from Everyday Minerals. I honestly always thought I would use my Jane Iredale. I’d just never found anything that really compared to it. Most other mineral foundation that I’ve tried has that weird, chunky/gritty thing going on. Not really what you want to put on your face every morning. I like my mineral foundation to give me airbrushed natural coverage.
This does exactly that. It’s a super fine textured formula that goes on so smoothly. I find that the EDM foundation also has a similar wear time to the JI one. ¬†I get about 8 hours of really good wear out of the foundation and it doesn’t fade into patchy nonsense. I think one of my favorite things about Everyday Minerals is their color selection. The options go on for ages. It took me two rounds of ordering samples before I settled on what I think is the perfect shade. Samples by the way can be ordered for a whole whopping 1 cent, and you get 7 of them! Crazy. Anyways, ¬†I settled on Golden Fair – an awesome name as that’s usually how I describe my complexion. So far I’m pretty hooked. Great color, great texture and fantastic coverage. What more could you want?!

Have you tried any other products from Everyday Minerals?