Styling Products

Finding hair products that are natural and won’t weigh down my fine hair has been tricky. When I first started going green most products were often heavy with oils and waxes to replace the silicones that mainstream brands use. This left my fine hair feeling flat and greasy. Which is the total opposite of what I want my hair to do. So when I was able to find some products that worked with adding shine and conditioning my hair without weighing it down I rejoiced!

First up is the Feed Your Ends Leave in Conditioner from Yarok. I love this product especially in the summertime. When your hair is feeling just dry and crispy this blend of vitamin water and jojoba, olive, grape seed, apricot and evening primrose will add glossiness and life back into your hair. I find for my hair about 4 sprays on the ends does the trick. Being that it is so oil heavy I tend to keep it on my ends. This also smells deliciously of rosemary and litsea cubeba.

Emtage SILKtage oil is what makes hair sleek and silky. It has an awesome mix of antioxidants and essential fatty acids that leaves my hair fly away free. This is also an excellent heat protectant that I use before curling my hair. It makes my curls so glossy. Just a drop or two of this will do it though. Anymore than that and I’d feel like a cast member of Jersey Shore.

My everyday leave in conditioner tends to be the Intelligent Nutrients Spray-On Detangler. This is the perfect product as it acts for me as a conditioner and has almost a little bit of hold to it as well. The spray function on this isn’t my favorite though, it tends to come out in one giant stream. So I spray two to three pumps on my palms and then work though the mid to ends of my hair. The scent is lovely as IN products usually are. It smells nice and earthy, but doesn’t linger in your hair.

Next up for me in haircare is to try and find a hair spray that doesn’t make me looks as though I’ve been shellacked. Any recommendations?