Pacifica Stellar Gaze Mascara


If you’ve never had the pleasure of perusing a Plum Market , it’s a magical place. Their beauty section is, dare I say it, better than Whole Foods. Really, it’s true. They have more makeup, more skincare and well just more! Last time I was at one I stumbled upon the whole range of Pacifica’s makeup. Now I’ve seen bits and pieces of it in Target before but this was glorious. And they had testers of everything. Well after swatching and staring for what seemed like forever I finally decided on taking home the
Pacifica Stellar Gaze Length & Strength Mineral Mascara“.
Longest name ever. My selling featuring – the short packaging. It’s the size of my palm and has a delightful short handled wand with a fat fluffy brush at the end. Once I got it home, I knew it was love. The formula is a bit thicker and drier than some of my other natural mascaras. Which for me works out perfectly. It gives me a great dark lash with tons of volume and length. I am also loving how gentle it is on my lashes and eyes. Never any stinging and super easy to remove. At $14, it’s cheaper than my recent favorite and totally worth a repurchase.


seriously isn’t this brush awesome?!

You can find this mascara at Pacifica’s website.
Plum Market can be found in SE Michigan and in Chicago!

15 thoughts on “Pacifica Stellar Gaze Mascara

  1. I have never heard of Plum Market before but it sounds interesting! Can you find them nationally or are they only located in a certain region of the country? Great mascara review! I’ve been looking for a natural mascara so this review came in superb timing :).

    • Hi! I think when I looked on their site they only have 4 locations. 3 are in Michigan and one in Chicago. You can pick the mascara up online at Pacifica though. I’m glad you found the review helpful! I’ve been loving it.

  2. Oh I’m so intrigued!! Really want to try this. I wonder if they’ll start stocking this at my local Target as I always see lots of Pacifica products there. Looks like the perfect mascara to fit in a makeup bag too! 🙂

  3. I actually just bought a tube of this a week ago & was pleased with it as well. I had finally given up (again) on conventional mascaras. They always seem to work fine for me, but then by the end of the day my eyes are red and irritated. This mascara doesn’t do that to me. I definitely recommend it to anyone with sensitive eyes.

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