Current Wishlist No.1


These are a few lovely things I’ve been eyeing lately.

1. May Lindstrom – The Complete Skin Experience I know if I tried I could probably pair down to one or two things from May’s line that I really wanted. But the fact of it is that I kind of want everything. I love May’s attention to detail with her line. You can really tell the craftsmanship in that her products. Gorgeous packaging and effective product, I’m sold. 

2. rms beauty – Lip Shine in Sacred I’ve been swooning over this color since it launched. A great juicy pink-red that looks amazing on everyone I’ve seen it on. As a lover of bright lips, this is totally up my alley. 

3. Sheswai Lacquer – Hot Damn An amazing fuchsia color that I think will add a nice pop of color for the fall season. I think it will look incredible on both fingers and toes.

4. Kahina Giving Beauty – Brightening Serum This little gem is not only supposed to lighten pigmentation but brighten skin as well as fight fine lines! It’s as if someone answered my top skin care concerns with one bottle of magic. Who wouldn’t want that?

5. Osmia Organics – Light Body Oil I had a sample of this lovely oil that just made me swoon. I never knew my skin could be so hydrated! This is the body oil that got me on my recent kick and I’m really lusting after the full size of it.


4 thoughts on “Current Wishlist No.1

  1. Awesome list! I can’t believe I haven’t tried anything from May’s line, it all looks so so lovely! The brightening serum is fantastic, and I think it’s their best smelling product too, if that helps, lol!

    • That does help! If it doesn’t smell nice I really won’t put it on my skin. I’m hoping to pick up something from May’s line while @ the Night for Green Beauty. If I can stop myself from buying all the lipsticks!

  2. great picks! what’s funny about may’s line is when i reviewed, i wrote that the body oil would probably be one that i could go without. now that i use it pretty much every night, i am thinking it’s one i could definitely buy again — the smell is soooooo unique. for me, if i can’t buy the whole line, i prioritize the mask and the body oil.

    i also love osmia’s body oils! sarah’s oils and soaps are da bomb. i have “stream” but want to try “sunset” because vanilla + jasmine = heaven! i’m going to be placing an order from her very soon … almost out of body oils and soaps!

    i have not tried any rms lippies — get one and review it, please! 🙂

    • I’m glad to hear that you love the body oil! It’s one product that I’ve been eyeing heavily. It just sounds lovely.
      Sunset sounds awesome! I’ve got to order some things from her soon too. I’m almost out of my HG (Active Gel Nutrient Serum). And we need new face soaps in my house.

      rms lips will probably be purchased when we’re in NY! I can’t wait to be able to play with all the colors in person =)

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