Ilia Beauty Haul and First Impressions

I recently picked up 3 tinted lip conditioners and 1 lipstick from Ilia Beauty. Now in my defense 3 of them were limited edition. So I kind of needed them. I mean if I didn’t they’d disappear. I know, I know. These are the words of a lady who did not really need anymore lipsticks. But I love these colors enough that I’m thinking I’ll probably pitch a few things that I no longer wear. You know, like that beige gloss in the back of the draw that you keep because it looked good once (and only once).
Anyways, back to the new ones. I picked up Arabian Knights (does anyone else hear this song?), Crimson & Clover, In Paradise and Voila. Check out the video above for my thoughts on these lovely lipsticks.




7 thoughts on “Ilia Beauty Haul and First Impressions

    • Ilia’s lip conditioners are pretty flipping fantastic! . It’s so nice to not only have great packaging but also really amazing formulas. I’m right there with you on needing all the lipstick, collecting it like a lipstick hoarder. Oh wait, I already am one.
      Ps Thanks! These gems are from Rivet & Sway! Best glasses I’ve had in years =)

    • Hi Clara!
      I think In Paradise would look great on you. It’s going to be a bit more on the peachy side. But I think it’d be lovely with your complexion =)
      Thanks for stopping by!

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