Quick Nvey Eco Haul

So I popped into my local ULTA today to find out that they are carrying Nvey Eco now! Seriously how freaking cool is that?!
It’s so great to find nice green brands are becoming more readily available. Plus who doesn’t love the ability to swatch and play before taking something home.
I only picked up a couple items that you’ll see in the video but I’m already thinking about a few more.
What have you tried from Nvey Eco? Let me know!


3 thoughts on “Quick Nvey Eco Haul

  1. oh SNAP! i have been wanting to try nvey eco for a while, but i really prefer to be able to sample // play with it in store before ordering. you are always making me drive across town to go to ulta! hip hip, hooray! (nevermind this whole “i need to use up what i have before buying more” thing i keep telling myself”

    • Haha! I was trying to do the “use what you have” thing too but it totally got thrown out the window when I saw the display. It was just so exciting. If you head to Ulta let me know what you pick up. =)

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