Alima Pure Review


These little gems from Alima Pure came in the April Goodebox. I was so excited to have makeup in the mix that I put these immediately on my makeup desk.
Now that I’ve had a few weeks to  play around with them I can give you some feed back.

The Good: I love these eyeshadows. They’re finely milled so they go on smoothly and blend beautifully. A lot of loose pigments disappear when you blend them but these don’t.
I received three different finishes of shadows. A satin matte shadow in Java (upper right), a luminous shimmer in Glow (upper left) and a pearluster shadow in Cappuccino. I think my favorite two of the mix are Glow and Cappuccino. Glow I use as a highlight on the inner corner or actually it works great as a cheek bone highlight. Cappuccino is so great. When packed on the lid it almost has a foiled look to it. Which is so fun for a dry shadow. Java is a nice rich brown that makes a great liner or wonderful for adding a little smokiness to a look. Overall these were a big win with me.

The Bad: I really don’t like this blush. The color Freja is alright. Kind of a mid-tone pink/peach that pulls a little warm on my skin. The reason I don’t love it is that no matter how I apply it it doesn’t go on smoothly. It tends to get really patchy and doesn’t wear well long term. Bummer because I wanted to like it as much as the shadows.

I’d completely look into getting more eyeshadows as I did really like them but I think I’d be cautious on the blush. I’d like to swatch and play around with other colors in person before buying.
Have you tried Alima Pure? What do you love from them?


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