Devita Moisture Tints SPF 15 in Light

Spring is upon us here in the Midwest and it’s been a bit of a crazy one. So since the temperature keeps fluctuating I’ve been trying to let my skin breathe a little bit. All over foundation this time of year just makes my skin feel heavy. I want to feel light and breezy right about now; don’t you? 

I’ve been on the tinted moisturizer hunt for what feels like years now. Many of them are often too dark for my fair skin, or they don’t have quite enough coverage, or the right finish. I know- I sound like Goldilocks. 

Enter in DeVita Moisture Tints! If you’ve stopped by here before you may know that I adore the DeVita Solar Protective MoisturizerWhile I was reordering my next tube of that I decided to take chance on the Moisture Tints in Light. I found it was backordered and may take a couple weeks to arrive. So I waited. Not really patiently. But on a rainy April day it showed up on my doorstep and I kid you not that I put it on immediately. 

I loved it and wanted to write this post pretty much that moment. But I made myself test it out for a couple weeks before professing all my love for it. And the verdict? I so still love it. It’s lightly hydrating and goes on smoothly. It gives me the perfect amount of coverage. Not too sheer and not too thick. It just makes my skin look like better skin. 
The only downside I find to it is that I would love for it to be SPF 30 instead of SPF 15. But that’s it. So if I were you and in the market for a new tinted moisturizer with SPF; I would try this one. 

DeVita Moisture Tints can be purchased here. 

This product was purchased by me & the opinion of course is my own. 

6 thoughts on “Devita Moisture Tints SPF 15 in Light

  1. Really heartbroken that Devita didn’t work on me. I was so looking forward to it… Everything was perfect — texture, spf level, no whitecast… but it seemed like it just wasn’t suitable for my skin.

    So although this tinted version looks very tempting, I might have to give it a miss.

    • I think I like the tinted a little better than the original. It seems to jive with my skin a bit better. Every now & then I use the original but my boyfriend likes it more =)

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