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Osmia Organics has been on my wish list for sometime now. Both Britanie and Kimberly love the spot treatment and I was in serious need of one. So I decided to take the plunge and order it. And why order only one item when they all sound so lovely. I ended up picking up the Spot Treatment, Rose Clay Facial Soap and the Oh So Soap. Sarah (the founder) was sweet enough to throw in a few treats for me to try as well. 

The Spot Treatment has become a staple product for me. It’s potent mix of essential oils in an evening primrose base that helps to fight bacteria without over drying your skin. My favorite part is that it includes Thyme essential oil. This has been recently shown to be more effective than traditional acne treatments! Win for team natural! 

While I’m not really crazy about body soaps in general I decided to try Sarah’s super simple Oh So Soap. This soap has no added essential oils or colorings making it a great choice for my sensitive skin. It’s a blend of olive oil and mango butter which sounded divine! Oh So Soap has totally changed my view of body soap. It never leaves my skin feeling stripped or dry. I love it and so does my other half so I think we’ll be buying more in the future. And that could be a while as this bar is GIANT!

The Rose Clay Facial soap has been lovely as well. At first my esthetician genes were yelling at me “why did you buy a bar soap?!” But they got over it pretty quickly with this creamy bar. This removes every trace of makeup and has not once stung my eyes. I use this in the evening only and find that it doesn’t dry my skin out. I did play around with twice a day but found that to be a bit much for my skin. 

I also received in my order the Honey-Myrrh Lip Repair* which I have been using at night to help keep my lips in good condition. It’s a thick very emollient lip treatment that feels like it’s really protecting the lips. The other items I received were the Ylang Spring* soap which if it’s anything like the Oh So Soap I’ll surely love it and Trusque* a lovely lavender and plant-based musk scent. Trusque is a warm and cozy scent that makes me think of snuggly knits and toasty fires. 

I think that this was a great first order from Osmia Organics. I’m already hooked and planning a repurchase of the Oh So Soap and I’d really like to try some of the other skincare. 

Have you tried Osmia Organics? What’s your favorite?

*These products and samples were provided to me by Osmia Organics. All opinions are my own.

9 thoughts on “Osmia Organics

  1. so glad you got in an osmia order, and HOW SWEET OF SARAH to throw in some more goodies. isn't the lip balm fab? love that stuff. im glad you like the spot treatment … that stuff ain't playin' around with your pimples! gets the job done. xoxo great review alexis!

  2. I've tried a lot of their products…they always throw in a little goodie into every order. They take such care in packaging and answering questions. I love everything I've tried (restoration serum, spot treatment, lemon cedargrass soap, wood body oil, bath salts, foaming cleanser, juniper soap, lavender soap).

  3. Thanks Kimberly! I'm pretty in love with the line and it was super awesome of Sarah to throw in a few other goodies for me to try. The lip balm has been my bedside staple since I got it =)

  4. It's a great spot treatment! I did an experiment when I first got it and literally watched my breakout shrink over the next 12 hours. It was amazing. The customer service is excellent as well. =)

  5. Yeah I have a few allergies and Sarah was super helpful in steering me to the product that would be okay for me to use. The lemon cedargrass soap sounds lovely. I'll have to check that out in my next order. Thanks for stopping by! =)

  6. all of the products that you picked up sound amazing! I'm especially loving the sound of the spot treatment, mainly because it doesn't contain tea tree (which I can't use). I'm currently heading to the site to check out their products, damn you lol

  7. The spot treatment is great and I like that it doesn't contain tea tree too. Tea tree was always kind of "meh" for me. Let me know if you pick anything up! =)

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