La Bella Figura Daily Elements Defense Face Oil

If you haven’t noticed already by my posts or my twitter feed; I have a serious love affair with La Bella Figura. Victoria and Karen are pretty much skincare magicians as far as I am concerned. Everything (and I mean everything) I have tried from them is pretty much golden. The reason being is that not only are their products elegant and feel good, but they are effective and have loads of science behind their ingredient choices. Just check out their blog. You can tell these ladies love some science. And from one science geek to another I totally appreciate that. 

The newest addition to the LBF family is the Daily Elements Defense Face Oil. This face oil features a great new antioxidant – Sacha Inichi oil. Antioxidants in skincare are excellent defenders. They help to protect your skin from free radicals caused by environmental exposure. Free radicals can cause all sorts of nasty cellular damage leading to collagen and elastin loss. Not to mention fine lines, wrinkles and age spots! Ick! 

By using a serum that contains an antioxidant in your morning routine you’ll help to protect your skin from future damage. Plus vitamin A and E are wonderful to help repair any damage that’s already been done. They help with circulation and cell turnover which leaves you with a radiant complexion. Who doesn’t love ingredients that do that?!

You can find this serum over at La Bella Figura. It runs $95 USD. Which is yes pricier than other things out there but the wealth of science and knowledge that goes into each product as well as the best sourced ingredients totally makes it worth it to me. 

*I was kindly gifted this serum by the lovely ladies at La Bella Figura. All opinions on this product are very much my own and I would totally repurchase this!*

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