ecoTOOLS Naturally Beautiful Lash System

When I saw these floating about the internet I knew that the next time I went shopping I had to find them. Especially since they are by one of my favorite eco-friendly, super affordable brush companies. I found these lovely lashes at my local ULTA. 

ecoTOOLS has launched five varieties of their Naturally Beautiful Lash System. Each pair of lashes comes with a little bottle of adhesive as well as a dual-ended lash tool. I picked up two sets of the lashes that I thought I’d get the most use out of. 

‘Soft & Dramatic’ are a pair of lashes with a bit of va-voom! For me this is about as dramatic as I go. They add tons of volume and just a bit of length,  are a flared style. These will be my go-to lashes for a more dramatic night out. 

The ‘Barely There’ set is a nice soft flared set of lashes. They are very soft and wispy. When applied to the lashes it just gives them a bit more body and length on the outer edges. 

Both sets of lashes have a slightly thicker band but it’s very flexible. If I were to have any type of critique on these lashes it’s that I’d like a slightly thinner band. 

The adhesive is a nice formaldehyde-free and latex-free formula. So it’s great for ladies who tend to get sensitive while wearing standard lash glue. It has a nice grip to it which makes the lashes easy to apply. This formula dries clear so you don’t have to fuss too much with disguising adhesive after application. 

All in all I think these lashes are a great addition to the ecoTOOLS line of products. The lashes are great to work with and I’d seriously pick them up for use on clients. They’re not badly priced either at $6 USD but I’m sure you could find them on sale. 

Check out close-up photos of the lashes below!

These lashes were purchased by me and all opinions are my own. 

2 thoughts on “ecoTOOLS Naturally Beautiful Lash System

  1. Vivi- with most false lashes you can usually get a couple uses out of them. Some people get more and some get less. You can clean them after wearing =)

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