Sensational Saturday #3

Green Beauty Blog Highlights Week Three!

My apologies if you’re looking for week #2. It unfortunately went rogue in a too many tabs up incident and I couldn’t recover it. Here’s to better housekeeping. 
Anyways, on to why you’re really here- the blogs!

Pemberly Jones takes a peek inside this month’s racy Goodebox.

Beauty By Britanie looks lovely in Emerald Eyes and Feather Earrings

kimberlyloc gives the beauty scoop on Stark Skincare Cypress Purity + Defense Oil.

Beauty Huile finds the perfect shade of lip & cheek balm with Isa Restoratives Lilac Rouge.

iluvjesse444 sees who holds up best in her Cream Shadow Showdown.

Eco Beauty Secrets tells us what she’d repurchase out of her Empties.

pure makeup has great tips on how to Reduce Your Use.

Naturally Blushed gets refreshed with Thayer’s Lemon Witch Hazel.

Genuine Glow shares Makeup Highlights of 2012.

Sugarpuffish discovers a new skincare line with Sweet Cecily’s Natural Skincare

Naturalla divulges her hair secrets with her Haircare Routine

zenfemi finds a natural flush with Vapour Blushes

 True Beauty By Nature gets deep with Ilia Beauty’s Lipstick in Ink Pot.

Enjoy and have an amazing weekend!

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