Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tars

So I picked these little guys up at my local Sephora this winter after having stared at them on the internet for what feels like years. Every major “makeup guru” on youtube seems to think that they’re pretty much the best thing ever. 
They are what I would consider “naturalish”. Meaning while there area some questionable ingredients (mainly being some of the pigments) they’re are better than something like MAC in my opinion. 
Pros: Totally pigmented like no other. Each of the ones I bought are pretty  opaque on contact. You can make them sheerer by applying over a heavy layer of lip balm. They’re also great matte color. Which I love but not everyone may like. Also a tiny little bit goes along way. That means more bang for your buck, and who doesn’t like that?
Cons: Because they are matte they can be drying on sensitive lips. So lip balm first! Also they do have some D&C ad FD&C dyes so use at your own discretion. 

I like to layer on lip balm while I’m doing the rest of my face and then dab off the excess and apply one of these. They are so great for going out as they last very well through drinking and eating. 
Have you tried these before? What’s your favorite color?


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