What’s in my purse?

So over on Pemberly Jones Pam posted a photo a couple days ago of her purse dump.
 I thought it would be totally fun to start a natural beauty tag for what we carry around in our bags day to day. Me, I’m a total lip product hoarder. 

See the photo below for evidence. 

3 lip balms, 2 tinted balms, 2 glosses, 4 lipsticks, 2 stains and 2 matte lip pencils later…

*Ahem* My name is Alexis and I have a lip product problem. 
In my defense I leave the house sans lips (mr.bunny declares them “sticky”) so I like to have a variety to choose from once I get to work. 

So what’s in your purse? Use hashtag #greenbeautypurse and tell me. 
My Twitter can be found here: @alexjune

6 thoughts on “What’s in my purse?

  1. Hi!Love Suvana Balm!What Ilia color do you have?I always carry a lip balm (Hurraw balm at the moment) and some make up, depending on what i use on that day!

  2. I would do one of these posts but I don't carry makeup around at all! If I did this you would see a bunch of notebooks and papers and some lip balm – boring!Also, I really want to try that Paw Paw Balm.

  3. Hi Clara!The Ilia lip colors I have in my purse are Bang Bang and a sample of Arabian Knights. Both are really lovely and moisturizing with the ability to be sheer or built up to more intensity.

  4. I had a notebook and paper phase while I was in school. I sometimes carry a little tiny notepad to jot ideas down in but my purse now is mostly lip products and wallet with occasional work stuff. And the Paw Paw balm has been kind of amazing. Dry lips love it!

  5. The paw paw balm is totally a staple in my handbag now. I love it! And yes that's a jane iredale lip plumper- I think it is Montreal. My other favorites of the lip plumpers from jane are LA and Toyko.=)Alexis

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